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How does the safety pressure bar in the high-altitude amusement equipment protect us
Sep 19, 2018

A variety of amusement equipment in the playground often makes people look at it. They don't know which one to choose to play. The more this situation, the more a calmer heart is needed to be safe. Play for various projects. Let's take a look at how the safety bars in the amusement equipment protect us when we play various amusement equipment.

1. When the amusement facilities are started, the passengers inside can be thrown out at any time, but with the safety bar, the passengers can be protected from being thrown out.

2, for the safety bar, it must have sufficient strength and locking force to lock the passengers. Also need to make a smaller size for children.

3. The locking and release mechanism can be manually or automatically controlled. Just like a parachute, when the automatic control device fails, it should be able to be manually turned on.

4. The safety pressure bar needs to set different pressure levels. When the pressure bar is pressed, the end movement amount is not more than 35 mm. In order to ensure that passengers will not come out when the equipment is running, the safety bar pressing process should be slow to prevent passengers from being injured, and the maximum force exerted by the safety bar on the passenger: no more than 150 N for adults and no more than 80 for children. N to prevent crushing passengers.

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