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How much do you know about the safety devices of amusement equipment manufacturers?
Sep 11, 2018

Going to the playground to play, is to relax the mood, relieve the heavy pressure brought by life and school, so everyone wants to play safely and happy, and go home happily, then we have the amusement equipment produced by the amusement equipment manufacturers. How much does the safety device know?

Let's take a look at the amusement equipment company to protect the safety of passengers when playing some amusement equipment. What kind of protection and safety equipment will be installed on the amusement equipment?

These equipment to protect passengers must be able to withstand enough to ensure that passengers are safe when they are in weightlessness. The seat belt is used for slight shaking. When it is slightly swayed, it helps the passengers to be securely fastened to the amusement equipment, ensuring that the passengers are not thrown out when the lifting speed is slow, so as to avoid the risk of reversal.

1. The seat belt can be used alone for slight swinging or slow lifting speed without turning over the facility that is not dangerous to be thrown out. The seat belt should generally be equipped with an auxiliary handle. For highly sporty facilities, the seat belt can be used as an auxiliary restraint device.

2, the seat belt needs to use high-strength support woolen woven tape, the width should not be less than 30 mm, the seat belt can not be broken within 6000 Newtons. Moreover, the link interface of the seat belt and the ride must be safe and reliable, and can withstand various traction forces generated within the controllable range of the passenger.

3, the seat belt needs to be used as the second set of restraining devices, which need to play an independent design role. Play an independent role.

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