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How can the amusement equipment be used for longer?
Sep 11, 2018

It’s summertime, it’s the peak season for a playground business. Is your ride ready?

After purchasing the amusement facilities produced by the amusement equipment company, you must remember to maintain it frequently to ensure that the amusement equipment can operate safely, not only to extend the service life of the amusement equipment, but also to ensure the passengers have more comfort and peace of mind when using the amusement equipment. Otherwise, if there is a problem with the amusement equipment, causing a major loss, we are not willing to see it.

Pay attention to the following issues when maintaining amusement equipment:

First, regular maintenance of amusement equipment, you need to find a professionally qualified amusement equipment maintenance company and large amusement equipment users.

Second, the maintenance of amusement equipment can not be subcontracted to individuals, can not use any form of subcontracting.

3.When selecting the maintenance personnel of the amusement equipment, it is necessary to select the equipment maintenance personnel who have obtained the nationally recognized qualification certificate. The safety management personnel and maintenance personnel of the amusement equipment shall perform maintenance on the equipment and engage in corresponding work and management in accordance with relevant state regulations.

4. When the maintenance company maintains the amusement equipment, the number of professional operators at the work site shall not be less than two, and there must be corresponding on-site protective measures during the operation.

5. The service life of the amusement equipment must be within the service life specified by the state, and must not exceed the service life specified in the relevant national regulations or design review report. For rides that are over the age, you need to find a specific company and unit to transform and update.