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Pay special attention to safety when riding large outdoor play equipment
Oct 23, 2018

Amusement equipment manufacturers manufacture amusement equipment to enrich everyone's life, and naturally ensuring safety is the basic requirement. However, due to the omission of market supervision, there is no guarantee that every piece of equipment will be strictly up to standard. For tourists, pay special attention to the safety of their own personal safety, before playing, pay attention to the following:

  1. Before taking a large outdoor amusement equipment, first check whether the equipment has a safety inspection mark. Most of the large-scale outdoor amusement equipment belongs to special equipment. According to the relevant national regulations, the regular inspection period of large-scale outdoor amusement equipment in operation is one year, and the equipment that has passed the safety inspection and is qualified will have the local quality and technical supervision bureau in the prominent position of the equipment. Posted safety inspection qualified mark. Prove that this equipment has been tested for safety and can be used. And don't take the equipment that is outdated, unqualified or not checked at all.

  2. Visitors should read the contents of the passengers carefully. If you need to know in detail that people with high blood pressure, heart disease, or those who are not suitable for large outdoor amusement equipment are forbidden to take a ride, be sure not to take a ride with your own life. Do not ride if you are not suitable for the age group. Follow the instructions on the instructions to queue up and avoid crossing the guardrail.

  3. Keep your belongings safe before taking a ride. Try not to take large outdoor amusement equipment with your belongings. You can't throw and throw things away when you are riding. You can't eat and drink while the equipment is running.

  4. Be sure to fasten the seat belt or safety pressure bar before the equipment is running and before the equipment is stopped. Then check whether it is fast or secure. The seat belt or safety pressure bar is forbidden during the operation of the equipment. Untie. Do not extend your head, hands or other parts of the body beyond the cockpit to avoid danger.

  5.  If large outdoor amusement equipment is out of power during operation, sudden failure or accident, be sure to calm down and not panic. Do not arbitrarily come down from the equipment without the notice of the on-site staff. Order to withdraw or wait for rescue.