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Large-scale playground equipment manufacturers intend to increase their popularity through brand effects
Sep 29, 2018

The playground equipment manufacturer has done a small investigation and randomly selected the playground visitors to ask about their knowledge of the equipment they are playing. Few people can accurately name the industry name of the equipment, and they are even more skeptical about the manufacturer. In fact, this phenomenon is very common. Throughout the amusement equipment market, the phenomenon of homogenization is very serious. It is impossible to break this shackle by relying solely on product design and marketing innovation. Amusement equipment manufacturers need to strengthen their connection with consumers through brand effects.

Economic theory points out that when consumers consume, they are generally affected by the simple concept of equivalence (that is, the price and the value of the product are equal). The quality and value of the product determine the consumer's choice of consumer goods. However, in today's increasingly homogenized products, this simple concept of equivalence is being challenged by reality. Consumers who meet the same traditional equivalent in the market with the same purchasing power. There is often more than one, and the traditional concept of consumption has caused consumers to fall into a dilemma. It is understood that in addition to the recognition of product quality and value, there is a power that is affecting the choice of consumers, which is the role of brand culture. Once the brand culture and the culture and values of the consumer's inner identity resonate, this power is very powerful. Because this is another added value of the products given by the brand in addition to the service, it is this intangible added value that affects the consumer's choice of homogenized products.

Today's social brand is a powerful means of market competition, but it is also a cultural phenomenon. Excellent brands have a good cultural heritage. Consumers purchase amusement equipment products, not only choose the efficacy and quality of the products, but also choose the cultural taste of the amusement equipment products. The formation of the brand mainly depends on three factors: the popularity of the product, the social image of the enterprise, the ability of the operator and the personal charm. A successful amusement equipment brand should be an organic combination of quality and culture.

Creating a brand of amusement equipment is a process of fully demonstrating corporate culture. In the process of brand building, culture plays a cohesive and catalytic role. The cultural connotation of the brand is the source of power to enhance brand value-added and product competitiveness. Brand is the carrier of culture. Culture is the essence of the enterprise that condenses on the brand. It is also the embodiment of the concept, will, behavior norms and team style that permeate the whole process of brand management. Therefore, when the homogenization degree of products is getting higher and higher, and the amusement equipment manufacturers can't make differences in products, prices and channels to gain competitive advantage, the brand culture just provides a solution.