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Orbital sliding class amusement equipment correct installation guide
Jul 27, 2018

In today's playgrounds, there are options for the placement of track-gliding amusement equipment, such as mini shuttles, green bugs, etc. This equipment is very popular among adults and children. Although it is fun to play, be sure to follow the correct installation guide before installation. . So what should you pay attention to before installing this device?

Survey location

Stay away from crowded areas and install in a spacious area. Generally speaking, track-gliding amusement equipment should be installed in a spacious area. Whether indoors or outdoors, it should be far away from the crowd, because this equipment will rotate in the field at any time. If there is crowded place, there will be certain safety hazards.

Pay attention to the setting of the track

Be sure to pay attention to the track settings when installing. If the length of the general compartment is long, the rotation must be not flexible enough. When installing, be sure to pay attention to the angle and direction of the rotation of the equipment, and set the angle at a large angle. This can greatly improve the flexibility of the compartment and avoid equipment problems.

Line connection considerations

When connecting the line, be sure to strictly refer to the connection diagram in the manual. Be sure to connect the red (+) black (-) two terminals on the back wall of the console to the sleeper in the middle of the track with a bv copper core wire of 5mm or more (- On the electrode (+), in order to eliminate the instability of the vehicle speed caused by poor contact at the joint of the track, the wiring should be connected to the sliding electrode and the sleeper, and the control box should be installed in the dry and ventilated room.

Track installation considerations

When installing track-gliding amusement equipment, the track site should be flat and dry, the track slope should be less than five thousandths, the track height should be controlled at ±3mm; the sliding electrode should be flat, and the bolts at the joint with the rubber board should be tightened.