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Teach you how to identify the safety device on the amusement equipment
Jul 27, 2018

What is the most important thing about amusement equipment? Naturally, it is to ensure the safety of passengers. For this reason, there are many safety-proof designs on each equipment. Let's take a look at the safety devices on the amusement equipment!

1, seat belt

Open-pit cockpits rotating at high altitude, such as self-controlled aircraft, small octopus, kangaroo jumps, etc., should be equipped with seat belts. The bandwidth should be about 50mm. Nylon braids should be used. Do not use cotton belts, plastic belts, artificial leather belts and belts. . The first three strengths are weak and easy to damage. The belt is easily deformed and broken after rain, and the safety belt should be divided into two sections, which are respectively fixed on the cockpit, and the fixing method must be reliable. If the seat belt is fixed on the FRP cockpit, the fixing part must have steel plates or buried metal members to ensure its strength.

2, safety gear

This form can be used as a safety lever or as a handrail. The locking lever has various locking forms. It can be used with a convenient latch type or a spring-impact type like a door lock. The spring-impacting striker is formed into a wedge shape. After the pull rod is in place, the striker can be inserted into the hole. Inside.

3, safety pressure bar

The commonly used safety pressure bar is generally made of seamless steel pipe or stainless steel pipe with a diameter of 40-50mm. Its main function is to press the passenger's thigh and block the body. It is used more in the cockpit with tilting movement or swinging amusement facilities. The safety pressure bar must have a locking device that cannot be opened at will, and most of them are locked by a spring pin.

4, cockpit entrance and exit obstructions

The cockpit entrance and exit obstructions are generally placed on the rides for children. Although the small rides are slow and mostly run on the ground, in order to ensure the safety of children, there are barriers at the entrance and exit, and obstacles for the entrance and exit of small trains. Most use a circular chain.

5, safety handle

In most of the rides, there are safety handles in the cockpit. The handles are small, but they play a very important role in safety. When the impact facility vibrates, the grip can be used to keep the body steady. In the event of an accident, even if the cockpit is turned 90°, in the absence of other safety facilities, as long as the handle is firmly grasped, it will not cause personal accidents.