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What are the design principles of amusement equipment?
Jul 27, 2018

Child-oriented principle

The design should aim at serving children. The design of various activity spaces and the arrangement of children's play equipment should conform to the physical characteristics and activity scale of the children's groups. For example, because of the obvious gap between children's height and adults, some devices that adults can easily sit on often require more safety measures. Therefore, when designing for children, special attention must be paid to the fit of the child in the experience.

Safety principle

Children are vulnerable groups that are extremely vulnerable, and safety issues must be placed first in the design of children's play equipment. The location of the children's playground activity site should be kept away from the roadway and the public environment where the surrounding environment is relatively messy and the personnel are complicated and fluid. The children's activity venue cannot be disconnected from the surrounding environment and become a visual dead corner to prevent vehicles and crimes. Threat to children.

Principle of teaching and learning

Considering the diversity of children's activities, design should integrate participation, diversity, knowledge and fun, create a relaxed, natural and functional activity venue for children, and give a certain cultural connotation to make the environment The potential role of “education and fun” allows children to increase their knowledge and develop emotional intelligence while playing amusement equipment.