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What are the safety precautions for the use of amusement equipment?
Jul 27, 2018

1. In order to ensure the safety of the playground, the mobile power equipment such as the floor fan and the hand drill must be installed with the leakage protection switch. The leakage protection switch should be checked frequently. Try to jump no less than once a month. If there is a malfunction, replace it immediately.

2. Never replace the fuse with copper wire, aluminum wire or iron wire. Replace the air switch immediately after it is damaged. The size of the fuse and air switch must match the power capacity. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock or electrical fire.

3. The metal casing of the electrical equipment must be reliably connected with the protection wire. The single-phase power should be connected by a three-core cable, and the three-phase power should be connected by a four-core cable. Protection is securely connected to the protective neutral or grounding device of the low voltage grid outdoors.

4. The mouth or damage of the cable or wire should be wrapped with electrical tape. It should not be replaced by medical tape, and it should not be wrapped with nylon paper. Do not use wires directly into the socket to use electricity.

5. When the appliance is found to emit smoke, emit a burnt smell or catch fire, it should be cut off immediately. Do not use water or foam fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

6, do not touch the lamp head, switch, plug and socket and electrical appliances with wet hands. If the switch, socket or electrical appliance is damaged or the casing is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. It can not be used without repair.

7. Electric equipment for amusement equipment in the amusement park, such as floor-mounted fans, hand-held grinders, hand drills and other electric tools must be installed with the leakage protection switch to implement single-machine protection.