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What maintenance and maintenance work should be known for the operation of amusement equipment?
Jul 27, 2018

The amusement equipment needs to be operated. When operating, you need to master some skills. What should be paid attention to when the children's amusement equipment is operating?

First, the necessary marketing knowledge, in order to make your own paradise flow, you must introduce a number of publicity policies, so you can combine some of the marketing management knowledge that you know based on market predictions and surveys of consumers' psychology and characteristics. Develop corresponding activities and promotion plans for the park.

Second, you must be familiar with the products of your own paradise, such as the characteristics of some products, precautions for use, maintenance and maintenance methods. We must understand the built-in items of the products, the quality of the products, etc., in order to prepare for the future business process!

Third, do a good job in product maintenance and maintenance. If you want to make better equipment, you must find ways to extend the service life of the equipment, and also avoid the situation that the equipment cannot be opened temporarily due to malfunction during the peak period. The operator is responsible for regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment.