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What should you pay attention to when you take your child to the playground?
Sep 29, 2018

The attraction of the playground to children is self-evident. There are also many parents who will take their children to the playground during the holidays and rest days to enhance their feelings. Or the child's test scores are better, praised by the teacher, and taken to the playground to encourage. Today, large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers have to tell everyone what to pay attention to when they take their children to the playground.

  1. Don't let your children get close to these places by the lake. In the amusement park, everyone is very relaxed. Sometimes they don't care. When they get close to the water, the consequences are very serious.

  2. If it is not a new amusement park, some facilities with dangerous nature should not be used as much as possible. In recent years, there have been many accidents in the facility, just in case it is always good. Look at the inspection certificate of the equipment before you go to the equipment.

  3. Remember, in the playground, you must stay away from children, especially children, easy to run around, it is easy to break away, and if you go away with the child, what will happen is really hard to say.

  4. Don't let the child sit alone in the entertainment facility. If the child is small and does not have enough self-care ability, it will easily bring danger to the child and will affect the child's mood. When posing for a photo, be sure to pay attention to the geographical situation around you. Avoid bumps and bumps, and your child's safety is always the most important.

  5. Since the child's mind is not particularly mature, don't take the children to play too exciting games, such as roller coaster, bungee jumping and the like. If you scare the child, you will lose more than you. Give your child some food he likes in advance. After all, the food in the playground is expensive, the selectivity is small, and the health index is always not as good as oneself.

  6. Appropriate for the child to rest, the child's energy is relatively strong, do not know tired. Be reminded at the right time.