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Bumper Cars Have Become The Best Equipment For Winter Indoors
Jul 26, 2018

Since the winter, the weather has gradually cooled down. From south to north, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the water-sports projects in the amusement industry have gradually entered the hibernation period. Therefore, most of the operators should also change their business projects, that is, transform into large-scale amusement equipment on the indoor and land, and plan their own business from a new perspective. So what kind of amusement equipment should we choose to be loved by children in the winter? The children's garden amusement equipment Xiaobian recommended bumper car amusement equipment for everyone.

Bumper cars are indoor amusement equipment. When we choose bumper cars, we must consider our venues in advance. In all kinds of markets, the design style, materials and load weight of bumper cars are different, so we have to Choose your play equipment according to your own venue. Our children's amusement park amusement equipment is designed to design different styles of amusement equipment according to customer needs.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the quality of the FRP quality of the bumper car, whether the paint technology is flawed, whether the color matching is loved by children, and ensuring the safety of children is crucial. Finally, the motors of the amusement equipment, as a basic knowledge of operating a bumper car, only pay attention to and maintain our amusement equipment for better work. Just like people, someone must take care of them.

Makes a strong growth.

Players should pay attention to the following points when riding a bumper car:

1. When the ride is as close to the body as possible, and fasten the seat belt for the first time;

2, both hands should hold the steering wheel to keep the body steady;

3, do not put your hand out of the cockpit to prevent being hit by other vehicles;

4. When the child is riding, there must be a parent sitting next to him.