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Construction Technology And Method Of Ferris Wheel Rides Structure
Jul 26, 2018

Designated according to the specific structural form and site conditions. At present, the construction methods of the built Ferris Wheel rides structure can be summarized into the following three types.

Ground assembly, overall lifting method

The Ferris Wheel rides rim steel structure is processed and assembled in the factory. After being transported to the site, the rim is assembled into a whole, and then the internal rigid truss support or flexible steel cable system is connected, and finally the overall lifting is in place. The British "London Eye" adopts this construction method. The steel truss of the rim is divided into three sections and processed in the factory. It is transported to the site and assembled into a whole. Then the steel cable inside the rim is installed and tensioned, and the pre-stress is introduced. Finally, After the roulette structure and the support tower structure form an integral structure, lifting is performed.

The ground assembly and the overall hoisting method are conducive to the installation of steel structures, and the installation accuracy is easy to guarantee. However, the structure and weight of the Ferris Wheel rides are generally large, so a large construction site and a strong lifting capacity are required.

Central rotation installation

The central rotary installation method refers to the installation of the working platform with the tower after the support tower and the axle are installed, or the installation of the Ferris Wheel rides structure system from the center to the periphery by the lifting system, in some medium and small Ferris Wheel rides installation projects. More applications.

Facade rotation installation

The façade rotation installation method refers to a construction method in which the support tower and the axle are installed in position, and the segmented rim and the cable are rotatably mounted by using the temporary rigid spokes. The façade rotation installation method is divided into a one-side rotary installation method and a two-side rotary installation method, which is suitable for a flexible Ferris Wheel rides structural system that provides centripetal force by means of a steel cable. The method has been used in the Tianjin Cihai Bridge Ferris Wheel rides structure.

The façade rotation installation method can avoid a lot of aerial work and has low risk; however, it requires a large traction power system and a good brake system. In particular, the rotary installation method on both sides requires special treatment of the center wheel axle of the Ferris Wheel rides.