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Shocking! Who Pays For The Playground Failure
Oct 24, 2018

It is necessary for the playground equipment manufacturers to teach you some survival skills of the playground. In the past Mid-Autumn Festival, for some people, it can be described as timid. A playground in Dalian has failed, and 20 people have been suspended for half an hour. In fact, events like this have not happened in the past few years. Especially in foreign countries, the safety belt breaks and the safety pressure bar is loose, which causes tourists to be thrown out of the equipment. In the case of high-speed operation, such an accident occurs, and it is not dead or hurt. According to statistics, the high incidence of playground accidents is mechanical injury, high altitude fall, high altitude detention and collision damage. The accident-prone project is mostly roller coaster.

Remind everyone, don't talk in the playground, especially "Happy to fly", to be honest, who is flying who is afraid. After flying, it is rubbing on the ground, with an impact of acceleration, the mortality rate is extremely high. On this occasion, it is not a shame. The following playground equipment manufacturers take you to analyze some common causes of accidents.

Equipment quality is the fundamental guarantee for operational safety. Large-scale amusement equipment belongs to special equipment. Not all manufacturers are qualified to produce it. Therefore, if it is purchased through formal channels, there is no problem in passing the qualification. Note that it is a formal channel. Some factories do not have independent production capacity, but they have started the work of renovating, and shoddy for profit. Since there is no special equipment manufacturing license, the ball is wiped by the specified range, and the equipment is turned into a free inspection, and the control system is used to control the operation. This result can be imagined.

Playground managers should escort visitors. Playground equipment manufacturers should produce quality products, and playground management personnel should do daily inspections. Once abnormalities are found, they should be stopped in time, troubleshooting, and regular maintenance.

   For passengers, it is also rational to go out to play, choose a regular large-scale playground and good amusement equipment, learn to see the inspection mark, and strictly observe the safety instructions.