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The Importance Of The Regulation Of Amusement Equipment
Jul 27, 2018

The standardization of large children's play equipment is divided into four operations, namely the safety of the work area, the usual protection, the clean cleaning and the standard work. The first is safe placement. About a certain cockpit height exceeds two meters, the horizontal speed exceeds 2 Large-scale children's play equipment per second to special equipment must pass the application talents that have passed the annual inspection, and the qualified marks will be posted on the obvious position of the amusement equipment.

In addition, you will also be able to understand this information, such as information, so that visitors can understand the information before boarding. Therefore, the operation of large children's play equipment must be carried out according to the standards of the annual inspection application, timely discovery and safety hazards, and also allow visitors to feeling anxious.

Such large children's play equipment is usually protected. It is very important to protect the machine, including checking the operation of the equipment, checking the cost effectiveness of the equipment, operating without abnormal noise, screwing, lubricating oil, etc. Many problems can be found in the usual protection, early detection and timely incidence and the risk of reducing the risk of tourists' safety risks.

The third task is to clean and clean large children's play equipment, including cleaning the site, cleaning equipment and disinfection. The cleaning ability of the equipment allows visitors to focus on the place where no one is willing to stay, so visitors can improve their goodwill and trust. Can attract more tourists to spend, in fact more surplus.

The final focus is on standardized large-scale children's play equipment. It is conditional to hire professional operators and safety management personnel. Unconditionally participate in safety technical training, which is arranged by the local technical supervision bureau. During the operation of the equipment, attention should be paid to the situation of tourists. The operation status of the equipment should be stopped immediately after the abnormality is found, and the operation is performed after the cleaning is completed.