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What Are The Factors That Affect The Life Of Amusement Equipment?
Jul 27, 2018

What are the reasons for different life of amusement equipment? What are the factors that affect the life of amusement equipment? In the use of amusement equipment, the shape, components and dimensions of almost all structures are relatively changed under fatigue load due to stress and strain. They are the main form of failure of fatigue damage.

According to the traditional fatigue strength design: if the material has no initial crack, after a certain amount of stress, the crack is formed due to fatigue accumulation, and the crack continues to expand under the stress cycle until the entire section is brittle fracture. The formation of the crack is called no The number of stress cycles of crack life. The number of stress cycles of fatigue fracture after crack formation is called crack propagation life.

The total life of a part is the sum of two. In general, the structural life of the equipment is the basis for determining the natural life of the entire equipment. Each stress cycle will cause a certain degree of damage to the part, which can be accumulated. When the damage accumulates At critical values, parts are subject to fatigue damage.

Another role used in amusement equipment is wear life. Relatively moving objects, frictional forces on the surface of the material, such as between the shaft and the bearing, between the gear teeth, the roller and the guided consumption Relative movement, they destroy the size and strength of the part, when the wear exceeds the allowable limit, it will lead to equipment failure.