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What Should Be Done When The Amusement Equipment Break Down
Jul 27, 2018

Play equipment will fail, so what are the common faults in rides? How should we deal with these failures? Common problems in entertainment facilities: parking, mechanical breaks, falling from heights. Causes and prevention: Amusement equipment consists of multiple systems, and the cause of the fault is complicated. Mainly due to improper maintenance or not timely. Therefore, prevention of failure is to strengthen the maintenance of daily entertainment equipment, regular inspection and testing.

Emergencies: When physical discomfort occurs during the visit, the staff should be promptly and loudly reminded to stop. When the abnormal situation drops, do not move easily, remove the safety device, keep calm, obey the command, wait for rescue. In such accidents, Avoid panic, scams and congestion in case of emergency, and organize personnel evacuation in time.

Expert Tip: Visitors must first read the travel instructions when they go to the amusement equipment. Please listen to the flight attendants' instructions, master the playing points, high blood pressure, heart disease and other personnel. Don't play your body's unsuitable amusement equipment. Guide the role of minors in custody. Play.

Any rides must have corresponding safety protection devices, equipment failure, keep quiet, follow instructions, and wait for help is the best choice for tourists, can reduce the severity of accidents, and even avoid personal injury accidents.

The rides must be safe and secure, not just for the amusement equipment industry. It is the primary task of every industry. There is no talk about safety, no safe playground, no passengers, even when a passenger thinks about the amusement park. We also have to pay a high price, naturally do not make money, we must operate.

The rides must be able to attract passengers. The purpose of our investment is to bring happy passengers and make our lives better. We have noticed that the relationship here is not difficult to find. The first condition is to bring happiness to the passengers. Happiness means that we must let our rides attract passengers.

Mainly by the passenger experience and the appearance of word of mouth to attract passengers and amusement equipment, so we must choose the equipment recognized by the customer in choosing the amusement equipment. If you really don't understand something, you can consult us. We will combine our sales and market with Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Research for you.

The amusement equipment must be durable. The money we invest in a device is not a small amount of money. We hope that their equipment can provide sustainable benefits. Only then can we make more money. After all the equipment, the funds are returned. After that, you should choose a durable device as much as possible, it must find the equipment manufacturer.