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Theme Park Rides

Catch’N Air Rides

Catch’N Air Rides

Main parameters 1.Power: 30kW (Does not include the power used to decorate lighting and sound.) 2.Capacity: 32 persons 3.Work Height: 2.8m 4.Turning diameter: 11.6m 5.Cockpit: 8pcs 6.Rotation speed: ≤13/min 7.Inclination: ≤400 8.Carrying capacity: 384 persons/h 9.Service life: 8 years......

Main parameters

1.Power: 30kW (Does not include the power used to decorate lighting and sound.)

2.Capacity: 32 persons

3.Work Height: 2.8m

4.Turning diameter: 11.6m

5.Cockpit: 8pcs

6.Rotation speed: ≤13/min

7.Inclination: ≤400

8.Carrying capacity: 384 persons/h

9.Service life: 8 years (Calculated from the date of shipment)

10.Ground carrying capacity: ≥150KPa  ,  Ground flatness ≤3%

Component Overview

The ride is mainly composed of a circular guide rail, a raised guide rail, a base, a rotary disc, a swing arm, a cockpit, a console, a transmission system and an electric control system.

Round guide rail: six-part split structure, connected by high-strength bolts. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable and beautiful appearance, high rigidity and convenient installation.

Raised rails: three-section split structure, connected to each other by high-strength bolts. There is a special bracket support at the bottom.

Base: welded by steel plate, is the support component of the swing mechanism. A speed reduction mechanism and a slewing ring are fixed thereon.

Back turntable: A swivel arm and other accessories are attached to it.

Slewing arm: one end is connected to the rotary disk, and the other end is connected to the floating frame with the cockpit

Cockpit and safety devices: consisting of fiberglass seats, pressure bars and safety accessories.

Transmission system: It consists of motor, reducer, transmission gear, slewing ring and so on.

Rotating part: the speed reducer is driven by the motor to drive the slewing ring and the swivel arm to rotate.

Electrical Control System: A control hub for all parts of machinery and electrical.

The principle of operation of the device is as follows:

When the passengers are seated on the seat in turn, the seat pressure bar and safety guard are fastened. The transmission system is started, and the passengers undulate up and down along the circular orbit along the circular orbit to achieve a thrilling and exciting entertainment purpose.


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